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Mellanårsval i USA-special: Din röst räknas!

On this special episode of Pop Culture Confidential we have teamed up with Democrats Abroad to help spread the word to Americans overseas: your vote really counts in the very important 2018 US midterm elections!

Plus an exclusive interview with actor/director and expat Greg Poehler! Poehler , the creator of Welcome to Sweden a semi autobiographical sitcom and co production between TV4 Sweden and NBC, is now starring on You Me Her. The show has just been renewed for its 4th and 5th season on the Audience Network and Netflix. We talk about how moving to Sweden lead him to a career back in Hollywood, following your dreams, why certain humor really does not translate, the privilege of voting in 2 countries and much more

And Alex Lange, Chair of Democrats Abroad Sweden, guides us through the process of registering to vote and requesting your ballot as an overseas voter. Voter deadlines are upon us. Your vote really matters, be a part of this historic moment!

To America voters abroad: on the website votefromabroad.org you can create your voter registration and ballot request form. Here you can get help, ask questions and get all the info you need to send it in!

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