Poehler kommer ut som »Stefano«

Greg Poehler erkänner och ber TVdags om ursäkt för näthatet

Publicerad 16 maj, 2014

StefanoI går publicerade TVdags artikeln om Greg Poehler-stalkern som härjade i kommentarsfältet. Det högst sannolika var att personen bakom de anonyma kommentarerna, under ett flertal signaturer, var Greg själv. Och han bekräftade indirekt på Twitter under gårdagen, bland annat genom att ta en selfie in character som en av sina anonyma alter egon, »Stefano«. Det han skrev i kommentarerna var allt annat än trevligt, men det råder stark konsensus här på TVdags att Stefano är Greg Poehlers starkaste karaktär hittills.

Nu har Greg även bett om ursäkt i en kommentar som vi här återger i sin helhet:

Good work, TVdags. Terrific detective skills! I'm now being flooded with requests for advice re fake messages, so below are some tips:
Pick a great name:
Stefano - Perfect because it sounds vaguely Swedish and yet still foreign. Multi-dimensional. Yet still believable.
Wyatt Bearp - Confusing enough to seem real. Is this a joke name? A pun? A r eal pers on?
Arne - … actually this wasn't us. But this guy's good. He should be on my payroll…
In all seriousness, this was a jokey prank gone way wrong. I actually thought about posting a response as myself, but thought that would seem embarrassing and lame. And yes - I now fully recognize the irony of that last sentence. So me and a personal friend of mine (that's right - I had an accomplice(!) but I'm sure the soon-to-be-released tvdags surveillance video will confirm this) took turns writing messages and using Google translate. The last couple (since dele ted, tha nkfully) were really random anti-Kjell slams (Kjell and I have had a back-and-forth all season) so we suspected they might know they were fake. And then we left to play golf.
And now, here we are. It's a little bit like dropping a match in the woods and coming back to see the entire forest burned down.
I love my show. And it hurts to get criticism, especially because most of the general public seems to really enjoy the show, so I feel as if we really pulled it off (awaiting of course the US reaction). And I'm obviously new to the business and not used to the dart s and thorns. But I realize (or am realizing) that it's the nature of the business. Part of the reason I did the tvdags podcast was because I do find the interaction between creator and critic fascinating.
So apologies to all. It was intended to be silly and a quick reaction to the article by a couple of idiots. But, oh boy, this turned into an embarrassment sandwich. Lesson learned.
I intend to make the best of this situation and write Wyatt and Stefano into season 2 as a duo hired by Bruce to harass a local journalist.
**For the record and the sake of posterity, that wikipedia reference - it wasn't an edit, but a link to the old description at the raw comedy website. Not that that matters, but it just made me seem especially douchey. And no, there are no other fake posts anywhere. I do have a bit of a life.

Thanks and cheers!! (I fully expect to get you all on the WTS bandwagon in season 2)

Vi på TVdags vill också starkt poängtera att hånfullt näthat inte är ett »prank« i våra ögon. Men – ursäkten är godtagen. Nu vänder vi blad!

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